Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Mike Walden Acne No More-Beauty is very relative concept for healthy appearance

We all know that beauty is a very relative concept, for example, many husbands say that their wives are beautiful, while the other person looks and finds a woman is nothing special. Beauty varies depending on the mood of the masses and fashion. Let's remember what women are considered beautiful before - lush and if you compare those(Mike Walden Acne No More)"Rubens" girls from the famous Twiggy or slender Audrey Hepburn.

The truth is a difference? Standards of beauty have changed from generation to generation for centuries and even decades, so no one can know what will be fashionable and beautiful in ten years. Furthermore, they argue that evolution is still indicating each place. The world and the human body (and female and male) are arranged so that the second half we choose not to beauty, but at the level of instincts - who is stronger, healthier, who are able to bear children, and not one who has fashionable bag or shirt.

As they say, the most important thing - it's great, and health, unfortunately, not always combined with an attractive appearance. Now it's exactly the opposite: many things, generally considered to be disabled, in fact they say that the person is most protected from disease and most prepared to bear children. Now we'll see these useful appearance defects that have been identified and substantiated by scientific discoveries.

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